Nature provides the most efficient structure in the form of a hexagon. This provides a unique structure that is seen in things like bee hives, but it is also present in carbon, water and amino acids
Science has moved beyond DNA sequencing to epigenetic and quantum biology. We are exploring more and more of the unknown or the unexplained. Yet, our environment plays a major factor in our survival as various environmental queues or pollutants can potentially lead to adverse health effects. Leading scientists and researchers are superb in their fields, the human body is complex and siloed research has its limitations.Connecting the dots in a 'collective hive' is something many are not doing. Environment plays a part in gene expression, physiological functions and physiological reactions (ie inflammation). Electron level interactions, photons, magnetic fields and the electromagnetic spectrum all play a critical part in our daily lives.
Benzene ring
The benzene ring is a shape that is commonly found in nature in many forms, and forms many building blocks for chemicals as well as amino acids. It's unique properties to absorb UV light makes it distinct from other chemicals as well as it's conjugated double bonds (ie alternating covalent bonds).  
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