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This is a collection of researched articles and data points that have been combined for the review of potential health hazards. 

For a brief history of mobile phone technologies in Australia, it would be best to read this article first.

You will probably have noticed that there are a lot of mobile phone towers (or officially known as Mobile Phone Base Stations) around your neighbourhood. Further more, the deployment of 5G means that there will potentially be smaller antennas deployed on every power pole / light pole in your street. Notices are usually posted onto the light pole or power pole where the installation is going to occur, but objecting to such installation is complicated and difficult. Review this article to understand why.

Within Australia, infrastructure servicing utilities such as gas, water and electricity can also deploy cell towers to enable the service to operate without impact. This means that the deployment of a smart meter in your home for gas or water can also result in a mobile base station (aka cell tower) in your location without the need to submit any council approvals and community consultations. 

Google Maps Overlay of Mobile Phone Tower Locations: HERE
Dr Ted Litovitz
Below is a video by Dr Ted Litovitz covers the biological effects at exposures far lower than what our government regulators are publishing as standards. The government only looks at thermal effects of short term exposure in the near-field (ie close to the body). It does not account for any non-thermal effects to the body and the long term exposure to the body.   
Dr Martin Blank and Cellular/Molecular Effets
The video below is worth a review as he covers a number of studies, one of which is by Hardell, who did studies for over 10 years and showed that the risk ratio of getting brain cancer from cell phone use over 1500 hours is high, but even higher if the cell phone use started as a teenager.  The exposure standards set by the regulators such as ARPANSA and ICNIRP are far higher than the precautionary exposure standards defined by the BioInitiative Report 2012
Mobile Phone Antennas
Every year, it becomes harder and harder to detect mobile phone antennas. They become masked and covered, or camouflaged into the environment, but with 5G technology, innovative ways are being developed to embed this technology into our daily lives. 

Here are some links to various antennas that are being developed
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