EMF & Health Sensitivities
This page will collect and point to key articles or videos relating to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and health sensitivities that may be related to certain symptoms and diseases we see in the scientific community.

Our use of technology ranging from electricity, smart TVs, smart phones, tablets, Internet connectivity, LED and CFL bulbs, fridges, washing machines and smart meters generates an electromagnetic frequency that our bodies are  able to detect unconsciously. Although for some, the physical symptoms may start to manifest and become more apparent. For, others, we may "brush it off" as a sign of "old age", but ultimately, as the leading trauma scientist, Bessel Van Der Kolk says: "The body keeps the score." Eventually, you will reach a tipping point, and certain sensitivities will start to manifest itself.

Your body is an electromagnetic being, that was proven by Dr Robert O. Becker in the 1960's/1970's. You should realise that EEGs and ECGs that the doctors use are all measuring the electrical current in your body to determine electrical patterns in your brain and heart respectively. MRI scans are magnetic resonance imaging (as well as radio waves), and it is using the magnetic fields generated by your body to develop a visual scan of your body. Certain diseases such as cancers are detected by MRIs.

So what are some of the symptoms of sensitivities to EMF?
  • fatigue
  • memory loss
  • tinnitus
  • headaches & neurological issues or neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease. 
  • skin irritations and rashes.

Electrical Hypersensitivity
Electrical sensitivity or hypersensitivity is a growing issue among many, and although some of the symptoms are mentioned above, below are the list of symptoms published by ElectroSensitivity UK website and their useful flyer
Flyer Symptoms are:  Tinnitus, Sleep disruption, Concentration problems, Dizziness, Lethargy, Muscle pains, Depression, Memory loss, Some cancers, Skin tingling, Earaches, Headaches, Fatigue, Blood pressure effects, Miscarriages, Skin lesions, Anxiety.

Facebook Support Groups can be found here: UK , AUS

An excellent well researched book is by Michael Bevington from ElectroSensitivity UK website  and it is well worth the purchase (HIGH RECOMMENDED). 

Take a SHORT QUIZ by Dr Magda Havas and find out if you have some of the symptoms:  click here
The Austrian Medical Association Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF related Health Problems and the Environmental Health Trust also has a great page on Electromagnetic Sensitivity, or 'Microwave Sickness'
Multiple Sclerosis & Dirty Electricity
Below is a video by Dr Magda Havas and the correlations of multiple sclerosis and dirty electricity. Dirty electricity is the transient noise that is generated from electronic devices that can have an impact to your body. This transient noise can emanate from the electrical wiring unto 1.2m and affect the body.  
How to protect yourself
The most effective way to mitigate exposure to EMF or radio frequencies is to first eliminate the source, but the second most effective way is to increase the distance from the source as the power drops exponentially with distance (ie inverse square law). Ultimately, without proper equipment, you will not know the power density of the source and/or where the source is originating from. Sources can be both internal and external to the occupant in the home. Only a qualified building biologist will be able to assist with the assessment of your home environment. Living and sleeping areas are of most importance, where home occupants are spending the most time. Reducing or eliminating the exposure is top priority, so disable or turn off the WIFI, do not use wireless speakers or headsets. Using these devices is the same as standing in front of a microwave oven when it is being used to reheat food. 
Using shielding products is a LAST RESORT. A lot of the products out there needs to be analysed in detail to ensure it's shielding effectiveness (SE). Some products are self-tested in their lab tests, others are tested by 3rd party independent labs, but ultimately, if you don't measure and identify the source, using any form of shielding product may be ineffective or may make your symptoms worse.
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