Mobile Phone Base Station

Smart phones are a necessity in this day-in-age. The conveniences that it provides us through a handheld computer with internet connectivity to a vast amount of data and knowledge on the internet has conditioned us. Yet, as a society, we may be vaguely aware of the infrastructure that has been deployed in our suburbs to provide us with such service. Mobile phone towers, or more commonly known in the industry as ‘mobile base stations’, are a common site within our community. It connects our smart phones to the internet and provides us with on-demand data. However, such installations are governed by legislations and ‘codes of practice’ that may make us aware of such installations. This discussion paper goes into the detail of such installations and in more recent times, with the advent of 5G services, points out the potential flaws and gaps in such legislations or codes. 

Keywords: TPG, 5G, Vodafone, ACMA, ARPANSA

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